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Not Just for Racing

The Standardbred Association Queensland Inc. (SAQ) promotes the Standardbred as a successful and versatile horse that can excel in many disciplines outside their traditional role of harness racing. Through shows and organised displays, we highlight the abilities and exceptional temperament of the Standardbred horse.

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About Us

What We Do

SAQ has many goals and ideas for the future. We aim to continue to grow our Association so that we can build relationships and rapport with owners, trainers, members, the equine industry and the general public. We promote Standardbreds as not only great harness racehorses but as competition horses in a variety of disciplines as well.

We aim to be an Association with a common interest:  “To promote contact between Standardbred owners regardless of experience or the discipline their horse/s are involved in”.

Here are just some of things our members currently enjoy:

  • The opportunity to adopt Standardbred horses through the SAQ Rehoming and Adoption Program
  • Sponsorship of Breed classes at Agricultural Shows and the Brisbane RNA Show
  • Competitions such as the Annual Standardbred State Hacking & Harness Championships, Track to Hack Series, State Dressage Championships and State Show Jumping Championships
  • Organised displays at race meetings
  • Events, seminars, clinics, information days and musters
  • Organised Trail Rides, weekend trips and other social events with our horses
  • Registration of Pleasure and Performance Standardbreds and Partbred Standardbreds
  • Annual Members Awards, including the Pony Club Performance Horse and Endurance Performance Horse awards

For Our Members


Each year, we hold at least four Musters to provide positive social engagement for both members and non-members.


We host competitions, and also provide other clubs with prizes and incentives for their competing Standardbreds.

Educational CLINICS

We hold a variety of educational clinics on topics such as training, other disciplines, show prep and horse management.

Finding A Home

Our rehoming program is specifically for Standardbred horses that are retired from, or unsuitable for harness racing.

Become a Member

Enjoy the many benefits of being a member of the Standardbred Association of Queensland. You too can participate in the shared experience of these wonderful horses with other like-minded people.

Adopt & Foster

We currently have some Standardbred horses that are available for adoption to good homes. The temperament of the breed in general makes the Standardbred suitable for almost any use.

News and Featured Horses

SAQ#1236 Mick

Bay Gelding 16hh
DOB: 6 Oct 2009

SAQ#1234 Sparkey

Bay Gelding 15.2hh
DOB: 18 Oct 2010

SAQ#1233 Master

Brown/Black Gelding 15.2hh
DOB: 01 Oct 2012

SAQ#1235 Duke

Bay Gelding 16hh
DOB: 18 Oct 2017

Media Release: SAQ announce the reopening of restructured adoption program to all retired and retiring Standardbreds

SAQ announce the reopening of their restructured Adoption Program to all retired and retiring Standardbreds The Standardbred Association Queensland Inc (SAQ) is excited to announce that they are reopening their Adoption Program to all retired/retiring Standardbreds in...

SAQ#1175 Remy

Bay Mare 15.2hh
DOB: 4 Apr 2005

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