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Effective 1st October 2019, the SAQ Horse Placement Program is closed to new horses!

Although the Standardbred Association Queensland is not accepting new horses into the Horse Placement Program, we are honouring our commitment to all horses currently in the program and those previously placed. If you have a previously adopted horse which now needs to find a new home, read on…

What can saq offer

QLD Harness Trainers?

  • A second chance for your horses to find their niche in other disciplines aside from racing.
  • The confidence of knowing that your horses have been placed in caring, non-commercial homes, with care, knowledge and support from the SAQ.
  • Trainers will receive a quarterly report, with photos, and updates about the horses, in their new homes if requested.*
  • Copies of vet check paperwork and Certificates, required by the SAQ if requested.
  • Ongoing communication and support between the SAQ, Trainers, and SAQ members/Adopters.
  • Option to receive the SAQ Newsletter which is published every second month.

* Some Conditions may apply

Donate a Standy

PLEASE NOTE: the SAQ are NOT accepting any new horses into the Horse Placement Program.  If you have a horse that has been previously placed through the Rehoming Program, that now needs to find a new home please click the link to download a Horse to Rehome form.

How does the SAQ Horse Placement Program Work?
Will SAQ rehome my horse?

Unfortunately the SAQ is unable to accept new horses into the Rehoming Program. 

If you have a horse that is currently in the rehoming program or has already been placed through the program, the SAQ will honour it’s commitment to that horse and accept it for rehoming.

How do I start the rehoming process?

Simply contact the SAQ Horse Welfare Officer via the contact form below and they will be in touch with you to discuss horses you may have available for adoption.

We will ask you to provide details of the horse eg. name, height, age, colour, location etc.

Or alternatively fill out the Horse to Rehome form and mail it to us.

What happens next?

After the SAQ receives your completed form and all the relevant information about the horse, we will then create an on-line profile of the horse and promote it through social media and other means.

The SAQ will discuss the horse with  prospective adopters and aim to match each horse with an adoptive owner.

Does My Horse Have to be broken to saddle?

The SAQ currently has members wanting to adopt a Standardbred right now. The horse does not need to be started under saddle prior to adoption, and the SAQ has contacts for members to forward their Standardbreds to, if they are not confident enough to start the horse under saddle themselves. However most SAQ members find that Standardbreds are so willing, sensible and trainable, that with a little common sense and patience, most have no trouble starting their own Standardbreds under saddle. The SAQ is always there for support and advice for members.

How long does it take to find a new home?

The length of time it takes to find new homes for horses can depend on many things. Younger, sound horses with a good, easy-going temperament are often snapped up quickly. However some horses may take longer to find a home. This can be for many reasons, including whether or not people are experiencing drought conditions. 

What if I need the horse moved now?

In some circumstances, the SAQ may be able to offer temporary foster care for horses being donated to the SAQ rehoming program. 

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