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Frequently Asked Questions about the SAQ Calendar…

Can I link the SAQ Events calendar to my devices to keep informed?

Yes! The SAQ Events Calendar can be linked to your electronic calendar in your smart phone, tablet or computers via an RSS feed.

Put simply RSS feeds allow users to keep track of their favorite information on websites without having to manually visit the website each time. 

The SAQ RSS Events Calendar feed allows us to automatically broadcast our events information, so that you can read it in your electronic diary/calendar on your devices, such as smart phone, tablet or computer without having to go to our website. 

How do I link the SAQ Events Calendar to My devices?
Linking the SAQ calendar to your devices is quite simple.

Firstly, decide which calendar you wish to link. For the full calendar which includes musters, competitions, meetings etc, go to the Events page.

The screen shots below are for an Apple iPhone. Please note that the process from Step 3 onwards will vary slightly from device to device and according to your preferred calendar system, but they should be fairly similar for most devices.

Step 1. Proceed to Events page and scroll to the bottom until you see the little RSS Feed symbol, circled in blue in image 1 below. Tap the RSS Feed button.

Screen shot showing location of RSS Feed Button

Image 1. Location of RSS Feed button

Step 2. A small menu will be displayed, see Image 2. Select the option that best suits your device and circumstances.

Screen shot showing RSS Feed options

Image 2 RSS Feed options menu

Step 3. Another window will pop up with the option to subscribe or cancel. See Image 3 below. Tap ‘Subscribe’.

Screen shot showing subscribe button option

Image 3. Showing Subscribe option.

Step 4. Complete the subscribing process by accepting next steps, if any. May vary from device to device.

Step 5. Open up your calendar and scroll to the date of a known SAQ event to check that the Calendar RSS feed is working. See image below.

Success window. Event is showing up in device's calandar.

Image 4. Success!

Congratulations! You can now view the upcoming SAQ events directly in your calendar!

Frequently Asked Questions about Standies…

What can Standardbreds do after racing?

Believe it or not you’ll see Standardbreds competing in dressage, endurance, showjumping, eventing, trail riding, Pony Club and Adult Riders…in fact in almost every discipline except thoroughbred racing! Many trail riding establishments use Standardbreds because they are generally calm and reliable horses. The Standardbred is also one of the preferred horses used by Riding for the Disabled.

They are very hardy, mostly due to the fact that a Standardbred in race training will be exercised for up to 14 kilometers a day in one session, when in race training. Many people own a Standardbred because it may have been their first horse, it may have been less expensive to purchase or they needed a horse they could learn on. There are quite a few adult riders and Pony Club members who own a Standardbred and they have probably all found how powerful the bond between them and their horse becomes.

What societies besides Harness Racing are there for Standardbreds?

There are organisations Australia-wide that support the Standardbred. Besides the harness racing bodies in each state, there are the Standardbred Pleasure and Performance Horse Associations (SPPHA) in most states of Australia. The SAQ is the Queensland body for short, and we run our own shows each year and have campaigned for a large number of Standardbred show rings at various locations around the State. We also have State Championships in showing, dressage and showjumping.

Is it true that Standardbreds can only trot or pace?

No, a Standardbred is a horse first and can canter and gallop just like any other horse. It’s sometimes true that a Standardbred that has come straight off the track (retired from racing) and is a pacer may find it a little difficult to trot or do a three beat canter at first, because it’s using a different set of muscles and been tranied to pace at speed. However with time and training they learn to use new sets of muscles and supple up a little more.

Another interesting fact is that all horses can pace and sometimes you’ll see young foals of any breed pace a little, just to test out and use different muscles. 

Can Standardbreds canter in circles?

Yes…you’ll even see Standardbreds competing in dressage competitions. Again, horses that have not been taught, or are recently off the track will take a bit more education but they will learn to canter in a circle, just like other horses.

What colours do they come in?

Standardbreds mostly favour bay colours, plus some chestnuts, blacks and greys. Then there are the striking ‘coloured’ Standardbreds that are now eligible to compete in Pinto show classes.

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