Supporting trainers: Navigating the rehoming process for retired racehorses can be daunting for trainers, but the SAQ Horse Placement Program is here to offer support every step of the way. 

Trainers often wonder about the timeline for finding a new home for their horses. The duration can vary depending on factors such as the horse’s age, temperament, and current demand. While some horses find homes quickly, others may take longer, and SAQ remains committed to finding the best match for each horse, ensuring they land in caring, suitable environments. 

One common concern among trainers is whether their horse needs to be broken to saddle before rehoming. With SAQ, the horse does not need to be started under saddle prior to adoption. SAQ has members eager to adopt Standardbreds, and trainers can rely on the Association for support and guidance throughout the process. 

In cases where trainers need the horse moved urgently, SAQ may provide temporary foster care through its rehoming program, offering peace of mind during transitions. 

To kick-start the rehoming journey, trainers simply complete the Horse to Rehome application form and submit it to SAQ. From there, SAQ creates an online profile for the horse and promotes it through various channels, facilitating connections with prospective adopters. 

With SAQ Horse Placement Program, trainers can rest assured that their retired racehorses have the best chance to find loving forever homes, supported by a dedicated team committed to their welfare and happiness. 

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