In the realm of equine welfare, the Standardbred Association of Queensland (SAQ) Horse Placement Program stands as a beacon of hope for retired Standardbreds. Established in 2002, this program has continuously set itself apart by its unique approach to horse rehoming, driven by a commitment to horse welfare and supporting horses and their new owners through a 12-month adoption process. What distinguishes this program from others is not just its remarkable track record of rehoming nearly 1300 horses, but the SAQ’s unwavering dedication to this fully self-funded model, ensuring autonomy and stability in its mission.

One of the program’s core principles is its emphasis on succession planning. Understanding the importance of continuity and long-term impact, the SAQ has laid out plans for the future, ensuring that its legacy of compassion and care continues for generations to come. This forward-thinking approach sets a benchmark in the field of equine welfare programs. 

A testament to its effectiveness is the 12-month adoption process carefully created to ensure the successful pairing of both horse and new owner. This extended duration allows for thorough assessment, training, and bonding, giving each adoption its best chance at a lifelong success story and optimising each horse’s opportunity for a safe, healthy and fulfilling life after racing. By prioritising the well-being and compatibility of the horse and the adopter, the program fosters lasting relationships built on trust and understanding. 

What truly sets the SAQ Horse Placement Program apart is its fully self-funded status. Operating independently from external funding sources, the program has the freedom to uphold its values and pursue its mission without compromise. This financial independence not only speaks volumes about the program’s sustainability but also underscores its commitment to accountability and transparency. 

As we look towards the future, the SAQ Horse Placement Program continues to be a shining example of what can be achieved through dedication, innovation, and compassion. With each successful rehoming, lives are transformed, and the bonds between humans and horses are strengthened. It’s not just about finding homes for horses; it’s about creating futures filled with love, understanding, and mutual respect. 

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Image details: Linda Zupanc with Calle (AKA Hez Hellbound) adopted through the SAQ Horse Placement Program in June 2018. Photo by Michael Zupanc.